• Hello world!

    Hello and welcome to my professional blog!

    This blog has been created to share my thoughts and knowledge of Information Technology. As an IT professional with over 29 years of immense experience I have managed multiple projects in consulting, software solutions implementation, support environments and IT across various domains.

    I am a Certified ISO Internal Auditor and have also completed a course in PMP. In addition, I hold an MBA in Marketing and Business Management.
    In my spare time, you will find me listening to the freedom of expression in an eclectic range of music, as well as playing and watching sports.

    Whilst I will be using this platform to share my knowledge and expertise, I too, am eager to learn from the masses. Please leave comments on my blog and ask any questions that might come to mind. I look forward to our discussions.

    Kind regards,

    Srinivas Polisetti

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